Why Har Ki Dun Trek is Incomplete Without Ruinsara Tal

Published on: 14/06/2024

Why Har Ki Dun Trek is Incomplete Without Ruinsara Tal

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Today we are going to talk about the famous Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal trek, we strongly believe that you must add the Ruinsara Tal trek to your Har Ki Dun trek if you're going.

to discuss why Ruinsara Tal is a must along with Har Ki Dun Trek, I have Mr Rohit Rawat with me, the Senior Trek Leader at The Crazy Mountaineers.

So, let us do a quick Q & A session with him.

Q. Mr Rohit, why is it that you so strongly believe that anyone who goes to Har Ki Dun must also visit the Ruinsara Tal?

A: Most trekkers, go up to Har Ki Dun, they enjoy the valley and they come back. It's very beautiful. Along with Its altitude, Har Ki Dun Valley is also very high on the culture, you pass through these beautiful and ancient villages of Osla, Ganga, and others.

But then the tragedy is that they come back without visiting the Ruinsara Valley and the Ruinsara Tal and I fail to see why because to me, Ruinsara is even prettier than the Har Ki Dun valley.

When you reach the Ruinsara valley, you know that you are going by the Ruinsara gad, the stream that you're going by, it's absolutely divine, the trail is a gently ascending trail walking is not at all hard on your legs. And then slowly you get down you get to the Ruinsara Tal, an absolutely pristine alpine lake.

It's surrounded by green, grassy meadows along with snow-clad mountains anywhere you look. The setting itself is magical. If you get a chance, you'll get to the Devsu Meadows, which is there on the way.

This is also an important point why I believe that people should go up to Ruinsara Tal and not just stop at the Har Ki Dun Valley. You won’t’ be able to see the Devsu meadows if you are not going for the Ruinsara Tal Trek and it is beautiful.

Just by doing that little bit of stretch of the Devsu meadows, you will get It's one of those views that stay in your mind for years.

So all this put together makes this complete trekking experience, if you go to Har Ki Dun, you need to traverse down to the Ruinsara valley. The forest area beyond the Har Ki Dun Valley is deep, dark and absolutely enchanting and again, it’s something that trekkers miss out on if they don't go for the Ruinsra Tal trek along with Har ki Dun.

Therefore, completing this whole triangle, Har Ki Dun, Ruinsara and back down to this valley Har Ki Dun valley, makes it a complete trek in that region and therefore Har Ki Dun valley trek is not complete unless you do the Ruinsara Valley along with it as it adds a lot more to the existing trek.

Q. So, how much longer does this Ruinsara Tal Trek take as compared to Har Ki Dun Trek?

A. Actually, it just adds one more day to the Har Ki Dun trek. But the experience that you get for increasing that one day is totally worth it. So now it becomes a seven-day trek.

Q. What is the difficulty level of Ruinsara Tal Trek?

A. It's not an easy trek. It's a moderate trek and hence requires preparation because there are long walks every day. You are will be trekking 10 to 12 kilometres every day of your trek and on mountainous terrain, it’s not very easy.

So you do need a bit of preparation to do the trek. The ascents and descents are not too much but if you look at it all together, you will be starting the trek at around 7,000 feet, you're going up to 12,000 feet, staying at that altitude for quite some time and then coming back, so there is a bit of a climb.

Q. In terms of timing, when do you think would be the best time to go for Ruinsara Tal?

A. This trek starts in the month of April, a very good time to start a trek, the snows is still there and April, May, June, are very good months to go for this trek.

Post monsoon, from the middle of September until November end which is also a very good time to go for this trek.


So this was about the Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal trek, I hope that this talk with Mr Rohit Singh will help you make up your mind to go for the Ruinsara Tal instead of just Har Ki Dun. It is a sight you do not want to miss.

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I have visited this place last year its really awesome trek.